Some pieces have still not been recorded.

1. Peridot: The Great Mother

This is an announcement, an ode to our planet, where all is made possible for life and evolution, this table of plenty is a miracle where humans have a chance to find their purpose and make it real. The music is penetrating and leaves no place for

5. Topaz

Power, energy, which trail will you follow?
The music is driving, once you are in the flow the energy seems a natural commodity.

6. Opal Innocense

Opal to do with intuitive experiences, vision, unseen worlds notions………..
Innocense to do with a striving interest without a sense of gain but with a hunger for discovery.
The music is rich of overtones that trigger parts of the unseen worlds realms that would otherwise not be heard or felt. As if you are on a magic carpet flying to places where you would never be if you had had the intention to go there. All spontaneous music.

7. Agate

Agate based on natural laws and principals , fundamental in each life experience. Order, our behaviour in harmony with the natural laws and well expressed in our principals. These laws do not change overnight so some repetition is being noticed in the music.

8. Green Emerald Motive

Green Emerald to do with patriotism, to stand for a country, to hold the same shield, to walk under the same flag or banner. Always applicable for groups of people who share the same ideology. The music unites behaviour and thoughts of individuals proud of the affair they are joining,

9. Sapphire

Stay focused on what was and what is and collect many references about the subject by trying to approach it from many different angles. An exalted dance! It is like the person who asks the same question time and again and weaves the answers in a philosophy that forms his/her life pursuit. Stay focused!

10. Blue Emerald responsibility

Try to find out how you react and give response to what comes your way in your life (psychologies) and try to see what you have built in yourself sofar (psyche). We are responsible for what we do, think, feel, value and discover….what else could be of importance? This music wants to ease the effort.

11. Gemrod Settlement