Before the first sounds, rhythms and melodies are heard, something profound has happened.There was seemingly nothing, and then something; a feeling, a thought, a ponder, a wish, a sentiment, a touch, a desire, happiness, sadness, love, frustration, a mission, an attraction….All starting or arriving in the unseen chambers of the human faculty. From unconscious to semi-conscious to birth in the conscious.

Where did it come from and why not in language or movement or imageries but through music? Mostly it starts in one person, but it can also happen through an assembly of like minded people, who connect to something important, valuable or urgent. The theatre can be of a flute player with his sheep in the mountains, to thousands of people listening in a concert hall or stadium.

Music can change people’s destinies, it can heal, relief and take away the pain or stress of living a  demanding life. It can connect you to deep feelings and religious states like humanity, peace, well-being, stillness, respect or the knowing that you are a part of a vast and integrated connectedness. And when the music stops and the echo has faded, where has it gone, what has it caused, what has it asked for? Some of it becomes part of our life, some of it appears and disappears in which the musician was in service to it, by being available, by being open, without judgement but neutral, with the longing not for it to come but rather never to finish……

Welcome to the wonderful mysterious world of music!

Bart Weber