1) ConPlasma

7.34 m 19-10-2013

Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen are the building blocks of the universe as such CON relates to a thing in the universe. Plasma refers to a very special mixture of components that give way to all sorts of growth provided the seeds are planted in the plasma just like the seeds planted in a greenhouse. On one condition however for to enter the plasma one needs to make connection with the territory.

2) De ballade van de passie van God
5.56 m 22-6-2014

This is about the ballad of God’s passion. God generates on a continual basis otherwise we would not be here, the signal is steady but slightly changes in time, our heart ticks, our sun shines, our planet moves….all at the right speeds and intensities. What a miracle, how amazing!

3) Dissolving Conflict

3.54 m 21-3-2013

What a strange title! The first thing that comes to mind is that usually one tries to solve conflicts instead of dissolving conflicts, and by doing so realising that if one tries to solve a conflict one needs to enter the territory of the conflict which makes one again part of the conflict, so………..move away from the conflict and by so doing dissolve. The music takes you to such a territory, a place where you have a chance to forget your conflicts.

4) Doorgang

5.14 m 23-12-2012

A passage (doorgang) enables a person to go from one place to another but to do so you always need to find the entrance of the passage otherwise it does not work. This piece suggests someone in a passage who is just arriving at the other end where he enters this new domain.

5) Emin

9.54 m 6-1-2011

A process leading to a process leading to process with no projection in the actions undertaken causes a vacancy in the actors. We did not know where we would go to and meanwhile there was process between us and between us and something higher. Fantastic!!!!

6) Encouragement and hope

2.00 m 5-11-2011

Encouragement and hope make life easier to live, the innocence drops from the loudspeaker, so ………..if you feel down just listen to these 2 minutes.

7) Gratitude

4.25 m 15-1-2013

This is not an Irish love song, it has more to do with our gratitude for the gifting of life, the invitation to create, to be and do….dobedobedo, to think and know and to know and think, etc., etc. Have you noticed that the effect of playing a note not totally pure has sometimes greater impact than a pure note. How weird?

8) Green Yellow Silver

9.54 m 18-1-2015

The music was aimed to be green silver without the yellow but then…..we are all Dutch. Sorry! The music was specifically made for some ladies that were meeting in Istanbul; the speed is 50bpm and the music was to be used for a dance where you do step..step…hop…step…step…step….hop etc. Of course you can imagine yourself in a paradise resort on a tropical island but that was not our intention. Please enjoy!

9) In the Fullness of Stillness

5.43 m 28-8-2013

The lyrics are about In de Volheid van de Stilte ( in the fullness of stillness). Have you ever experienced a fullness of stillness? When all internal noise is absent this special contact with your complex becomes possible ……as if out of time….in the now. You may wonder what YOURSELF is, means, stands for………..very religious….don’t you think?

10) Inhibitions

14.45 m 30-8-2013


Do you know about inhibitions? Every day the same…every movement the same….every expression the same…….every always the same. In this music you will hear special lyrics sung in the language of HIBITION which comes from a special island where people are not inhibited and where you need a special NOT INHIBITED passport otherwise you cannot enter. Have you ever met people that went there?…….Exactly….you haven’t. When you listen to this music be warned for it is sometimes ….a bit frightening….because there is a war going on between inhibitions and hibitions which might in the end resolve in SURRENDER but you never know.