1) 1 on 1 I am that I am
11.23 m 23-12-2012

A piece of music that can only be listened to in a quiet place all by yourself; this is an internal affair about you to you and you to it. What else to say?

2) 2013 and 6

7.35 m 15-1-2013

At the end of 2012/beginning 2013 we got hold of a document about Devotion which inspired us to this musical exploration about 6 (=2013) and the document about Devotion. The rhythm is slightly offset because of the specific baseline which might be a lead to movements you haven’t done before. The lyrics are in Dutch; at the end the text is as follows: waar ik eens niet was is nu een open baring…. Wonder…. Wereld
which might be translated in English as
where at some time I was not is now an open birth giving…Miracle…World. Weird language but consider that openbaring = revelation but open baring = an open birth.

3) 48 beat meditation

5.05 m 21-8-2014

48 beats per minute has to do with the 48 laws of our planet and if you want to connect to Mother Earth you’ll have to take this speed into account as specific as possible, so not 46 or say 50 bpm but 48 bpm. This music can be used if you want to do a devotion to the planet. This music was, as many of our music, recorded live, and therefor, as many of our experimental compositions, not perfect!

4) 7eigth seeking with mandolin and guitar

2.50 m 18-2-2014

7/8 the guitar plays chords that consists of 7 in an interval of 8 which gives this offset feeling of the rhythm.

5) A and what comes after

15.00 m 12-5-2014

In Holland we have an expression that goes like those who say A must also say B, every start asks for a continuation. Now there are starts that are followed up by very known automatic continuation. This piece of music has a follow up that was not known at all, we did not know what we were doing, we were very curious how the music would unfold. Later we listened to what we had done and we were awe struck of what had happened. The music starts very internal and slow, good as a background for a contemplation and then all of a sudden there is this acceleration and it feels as if we are in a hurry realizing how many things we still need to do in a very short time. Amazing!

6) A minor after Vital

9.16 m 7-2-2015

A modest and internal piece of music that arose after a very intensive meeting during a whole afternoon. For movement and dance try to ‘escape ‘ the music, like the balinese dancer. This causes a great sense of freedom.

7) A sense of something near

7.17 m 21-10-2014

Listening to this piece makes one feel that one is very close to some sort of special essence but still it is impossible to come closer by. Acceptance of being at distance becomes the only way of dealing with the feeling.

8) Activating touch

4.14 m 29-4-2014

Just imagine, you feel all these influences in the air and you don’t know what it is, you do not have the words to express what it is that you are feeling and meanwhile you have the wish to become more sensitive so that your registrations become more accurate. In that case you start wondering about how to do that – how to make use of your senses, how to activate touch as an example. This is what this music is about. For the dancer this music can be used to respond to with many small movements.

9) Being touched

5.12 m

This piece is from a special cd called The Release of Brillance which was a cd with music from different countries that was put together by a network of musicians called The High Emin Musical Fraternity. Being touched came from Holland. The music has a yellow nature and is disarming in its simplicity and makes one want to move and feel in unison with something higher that gives easement and inclusion. Just listen!

10) Cis Groot Cis Major

10.49 m 19-4-2014

A strange piece of music which came from a place where we had never been before; do not ask where this place was because when we returned we had forgotten where we had been. It has silver-green and oriental flavours with sounds from an unknown forrest. Quite magic!