1. Beyond time and space
10:21 26-02-2016

Your prison will open beyond the locks of time and space…….then……you might fly or be in every dimension you want to be in……..but then….. you might probably end up in a wider prison.

2. From Fantasy to some Remedy
8:02 04-04-2015

Living a life in fantasy is not so healthy but through persistence in pursuit it might be that what seemed to be a fantasy becomes an unexpected reality. The music starts with wondering notes that float everywhere until guitar chords produce a steady rhythm of persistence that leads to not forseen adventures of importance.

3. Principle as petition
3:36 23-11-2013

If you want to reach out in life for something that is not so easy to realize you need to have a firm principle that tells you where to go and what to avoid. This yes-no strategy might encourage a deeply felt petition. Of course it helps if you can sing your way towards what you want.

4. The Warmth of Encouragement 3:49 26-05-2015

It is good to feel encouragement for what one does whether received or given without any form of judgement …..just encouragement!…….don’t you think?

5. Violet calling
4:55 30-06-2015

Ever felt the urge to do something without you knowing why you do it, you just have to do it and it feels right. Is that to do with a yet not fulfilled purpose? Does a religious wish wants to become true? Is it a clear cut sense of direction? Well, is it violet calling?

6. We’ll trust
4:56 15-11-2011

Dobedobedo is what it is…….Dobedobedo becomes your way…….with pride and no doubt……..remember without stress there is just easement…..YES!

7. Safety nothing can take away
3:57 24-10-2016

At the end of the day……all around the campfire ….only the stars can give away….we might take away….what can we say?

8. Safe or Es-F-A-E in Major and Minor
3:41 19-09-2016

A journey through safety in major (male?) and minor (female?) to reach for something only to be got in harmony of the genders………..when?

9. Safe Exploration
3:53 26-09-2016

This is what we want but not all the time to avoid boredom: a well ordered life where safety is your daily bread. If so …..what are you going to do?

10. Gamalan and Flute
5:37 20-10-2016

Eastern bells, an European flute and an Irish drum….what a combination!

11. Eastern Longing
12:54 04-10-2016

Movement is welcome here….find what there is inside you and …let it come out…..and then you know……. Ever so simple!

12. Ready
4:13 22-11-2015

Okay, it is up to you now……..MOVE……..HAVE A MIND………ALWAYS ITINERANT…….AND BE AT THE POINT!!!