1. Renewal

10.19 m 17-9-2014

Accept who you are and let gently go what you don’t want to see in your life but by all means be nice to yourself and do not force radical changes on you. The music is convenient for a meditation about what it wants and what you want and also you might be tempted towards slow movements. If you succeed well the renewal may cause that some people do not recognize you any more so be careful.

2. Ritme

1.53 m 6-1-2011

An exercise in rhythm at a speed of about 120 bpm

3. Rustig in Am

8.47 m 20-11-2011

Rustig means quiet and this piece is all in A minor; because it is so simple it offers much freedom and yet there is also a constancy that makes disturbances hardly possible. Perhaps this sort of music opens the door to some sort of inner stillness. Dwellings, meditations or contemplations accompanied with movement might work out quite well with this sort of music.

4. Schoon Clean

6.35 m 8-4-2014

This piece about clean or being clean has a very repetitious melodic line which makes the same petition over and over again just like a principle that you keep high when you do something. And then at a certain moment something happens and the music changes and something extra becomes possible and then to return back again to its beginning lines. Clean you may be but staying clean needs to be worked for.

5. Settlement

2.53 m 16-9-2012

Settlement means being at peace with oneself, accepting what is the case, being grateful for what life has made possible for you and realizing that the offered opportunities call for a responsibility to do something back. In this music is happiness and well being.

6. Template Awakening 4 parts

9.34 m 4-2-2013

The first steps of a journey towards more order in ones life, everything is new and there is no understanding as there was in the old days but it feels good. The haunting flute prepares the way to ……….

the self chosen way to find out what it is all like, there is more initiative, enthusiasm, sometimes it works really well sometimes not so well but we are content.

And then Eureka!!!!!!!……….I would never have expected such processes like having the feeling of walking with a troop of men in the 14th century standing for an affair of honour. Life becomes worthwhile living!

Followed by……..a soft awareness of something higher that you did not know of at all. No, no, no this is not this Italian singer who sings about his girlfriend…..this is about what was meant to be.

7. The march of innocence

4.38 m 20-5-2014

Innocence you see in children but also in grown ups who have an open stance and no judgment or expectation about what is to happen which is hardly possible in our culture but it can be done.

8. The marvel of your evening years

4.42 m 21-8-2014

Acceptance, no make belief, softness, no sharp edges anymore, knowing this planetary life comes to an end but still there is more to come…………these are a few of the ingredients that elderly people might experience if they have the inner peace of life. The music is very simple and so are the chords but the connection is powerful.

9. The universal mystery

6.18 m 6-11-2014

A surprising event on one night that we had lady visitors, we were talking about the man woman mystery which we thought is an universal mystery and all of a sudden we heart these ladies sing and the only thing we could do was to take our instruments and join them. Again, this is a life recording and was not meant to be perfect. Just listen to the sentiment that was recorded.

10. The Will to Live

5.43 m 1-10-2014

Is the will to live something that is consciously chosen for or is it just something automatic and robotic that rules our lives. The last option will certainly be the case for those who have not chosen for a life directed towards a higher purpose that could rise above what is dictated by the culture we live in. This music is a haunting try to get out of the automatic ways we are so used to.