1. Time
8.20 m 10-2-2014

A song about water, sea, port, God, planet, all these things that are related to and imprisoned by time; the lyrics in Dutch are sung in a way that makes one think of the stories about fishermen that went to sea with the aim to return with a lot of fish meanwhile the women waited at the quay in the port for their loved ones who did not always return. At the end it is said waar jij nu bent is geen tijd which means where you are now there is no time.

2. Toekoe man
3.36 m 6-1-2015

This is a mixture of reggae and rap with some lyrics sung in Dutch with a special flavor. Look to the future in such a way that the future can look at you as well and give new insights of how to progress.

3. Transformation from Larva into Dragonfly
13.00 m 24-5-2013

One weekend our band met somewhere (Wijster) in the north of the Netherlands when a very young fan of ours, Gizo,  run into the hall telling us that he had seen something outstanding and he thought that we should see this as well so out we went. We then saw near a pond a moment of the process of transformation from larva into dragonfly and we were impressed. So what we did when we went inside was to make some music of this process which resulted in a piece of the 4 parts of the transformation from larva into dragonfly.

4. Waarde voor Waarde
11.34 m  14-10-2014

The English title would be Value for Value; we had a very internal process and we were pondering on values and how important these are for a human life……….one could say that a life without values is like a car without a steering wheel…….values in a life make life worthwhile to live.  The music that arose is not about one specific value but a journey through different territories of value all over the world, perhaps you can enjoy this as we did when we recorded our inspiration.

5. What can I do better
1.39 m   16-9-2012

No instruments, only a voice singing about something which is quite recognizable for a human, the lyrics speak for themselves!

6. Will a durable intention
5.43   3-6-2013

To reach for something of account is mostly not a process of an instant decision and then expecting a glorious result….yes….there is always some work to do over and over again…yes….every stance needs to be tried…..yes ….one should love the work and its importance for something more important. That is what this was about.

7. Moed Courage

4:50 Moed – Courage

Soldiers who go to war need courage to do so. Trying to save a persons life with the danger of loosing ones own life needs courage Making an effort to tell what you really think even if uncomfortable for those who listen needs courage. This music is about the preparation before doing what needs to be done.

8. Yettobe – Being able to go on
5:11 Yettobe – Being able to go on