1. Innocense
10.37 m 30-4-2013

With innocence it is very easy to think of children, young, unexperienced, jumping around, discovering all sorts of things, all these things that adults so much like about children. But there is also an innocence in adults who wonder about all sorts of issues that seem to be possible in our world and not comprehending why that would be not the case at all. Issues without solution which makes you wonder…..you can find your own examples. Innocense seems to touch the whole area of what is and what should be. This music might put you in the right place to start meditating and contemplating about why there is so little sense in this world.

2. Leap to faith
2.57 m 22-4-2013

Never mind the difference of the leap of face ( to make action into an unknown territory and do so trusting one’s complex) and the leap to faith ( to consciously choose for a quality that one does not have, Kierkegaard). This music is very confronting and it gives way to the expression of strong emotions that accompany important decisions.

3. Lights Kings from the East
5.35 m 6-1-2015

In trying to connect to the essence of the time of Christmas, we wondered what kind of music would fit with it without linking to the known music we all know so well. To our surprise this music arrived. It speaks of a new time with new input and is announced by the arrival of the Kings from the east; what has been will no longer be, habits are no longer useful, what was learned has become obsolete. This all can cause fear, desperation, pain, but …………there are also chances to order one’s life against the changing structures.

4. Needs
4.05 m 29-4-2014

Always there are needs and you may wonder….whose needs? What needs? Why needs? Do you know what is needed right now? Person A needs different things than person B or person C and you may wonder if A, B and C know what is best for them. In the higher realms is a need for people that can give expression to what is living in the unseen worlds for the unseen have but can not whilst people can but have not. If you start thinking about such issues it can become quite confusing. So many things need to be taken into account before one can make the right decision/action. Well……….in a way that is expressed in this music.

5. Nunpolanchella
7.32 m 16-4-2010

A Greek bouzouki is used to play Portuguese fado melodies, an Italian singer sings in a dialect from a small island between Italy and Spain in the Mediterranean , a lazy guitar player plays 4 chords, a flute payer tries to bring in some refinement. And this is exactly how you need to express NUNPOLACHELLO – a lament for the loss of something beautiful.

6. OK E rain
4.24 m 23-3-2014

The E stands for thinking and references (white); values and emotions (yellow); discovery and being in the now (green). If you say OK you say yes to these influences in your life and they will rain on your brain. The effect can be quite joyful.

7. Overture to the everlasting now
4.40 m 11-2-2015

An offset piece of 15/8 where all senses stay on alert because for most people these rhythms do not belong to the general moving centre. What to think if you would live in the everlasting now with no real help of what happened in the past….every moment new…..no thinking about what would be applicable…….just your feelings about what is going on.

8. Peru
4.34 m 9-10-2010

Peru was made for people in Salvador Brazil who were involved in a project in Peru. One night we came together and decided to mental travel to the Machu Picchu so we sat down quietly and projected ourselves to Peru where we visited the Machu Picchu. After 5 to 10 minutes we returned home and had a small session about our experiences and after that we went to our instruments and in a very short time we had what you can now listen to….a Peruvian melody.

9. Prediction
6.18 m 6-1-2011

This is a very silvery experience and not really melodic in a soft and comfortable way, the music overwhelms and tries to overrule old patterns in a person so that an openness for new things that haven’t happened yet (forecast) becomes possible.

10. Quiet trust
8.10 m 10-10-2012

Think of a bird that does not move its wings and glides through the air, think of movement where not you but something else directs and you are taken to places where you were not before. Surrender forms the basis from where you can move but only in full trust of what the complex can do…..what an opportunity!