Between the summers of 2011 and 2012  we made an effort to deepen our understanding about  the spiritual realms. It must be so that we humans are part of a  plan engineered by something much bigger than what we can perceive to do with God and Creation but also to do with that Godly spark in us. What is human life about? What does it mean to be human? What about the evolution of the universe? What do we mean with spirit and soul? Is human life  a unique and individual appearance within the whole of the creation ( the appeared and not yet appeared) and can each human select a greater destiny  then what is allowed by the gifted planetary body? Do we believe so far that we are not our bodies, that we have responsibility and that we have a conscience?

Many more questions  came up during our processes in which we used a paper called Religious Studies from Philosophical Frameworks.

The content of these processes were put into form…….a musical and lyrical form…….because that is what we love doing. Immersed in the richness of what these processes attract  – feelings of wonder, feelings of settlement, the urge to create, acceptance of silence and much more – a transformation could take place in which we have not tried to interfere too much at the time. Something creates sounds and words and we just try to be instrumental in what happens; afterwards we listen to what was recorded and we say yes or no in which our main criteria are firstly  what does the music do with people and the atmosphere? Secondly we listen to the amount of wrongful played notes; however perfect music is not our first aim.

1.      The first piece we recorded was The Waltz  which locates the listener in that very special place of themselves where they might meditate about the purposes of life, the meaning of God or how to deal and behave in this world. The music provides the stillness needed for such processes.

2.      Creation is the message makes you feel what human life is about….indeed life is about creating, to start anew every day leaving behind the past and respect circumstances and people with new eyes. What richness may that provide?

3.      God – Gifting Bloom (2) is about conviction and hope: the slow steady rhythm moves forward without hesitation giving the impression that there is much in this part of the universe that is still unexplored. Life and consciousness are gifts that provide responsibility to make possible what might seem impossible.

4.      Fireflies in a tree  is not about a trip through India. Fireflies can light up when it is dark to attract other flies; imagine many fireflies in a tree at night the sight of which must be overwhelming. And then imagine the tree as your aura and the flies as the lights in your aura and what that then attracts.

5.      Contemplation Soul-Spirit.   Is this music from the early Renaissance from France or Italy? What do we actually feel about the  soul and spirit? What part do they play in our life?  The music takes a person to those inner realms of oneself where one hardly has access to. The music provides a stillness in which the deeper reasons of living  might come to the surface.

6.      Spirit Guide Summon.  If one can live in harmony with oneself, not counting the costs and be in service of something greater than yourself a freedom of action may prevail that gives direction. The waves of ‘letting go’ take you to the spheres of places where you have never been before.

7.      God is fine  whatever they told you about her/him/it …..but how about you? Having a godly spark in oneself is one thing but using this spark for the right ignition is something different. So, in the end, what decides? Your preferences, its preferences or is this all  irrelevant?

8.      Towards self confirmation is about what do you know? What do you do? What do you believe? If these three would determine  all that matters you better start giving them the right placement in your life. What have you done about what you are doing? What do you know about your knowledge? What do you really believe? In the end…could it be that your belief has directed your doings and knowings? The battle is yours!

9.      The brothers of the past, the now and the future march through the valleys and the mountains of opportunity as they give adherence to their principles and the defense of their colours.  One for all and all for one not minding the costs whilst experiencing the power of a collectivity of men.

10.  The White Company   is about an exploration into the unknown and the first question one might  ask is: am I prepared to step into unknown territory to find out what human life is really about. The start might seem clear but the consequences can be confronting and sobering. Every choice has its consequences.

11.  Brahmin Eastern Sounds.  It almost compels  one to move but not in a sloppy way, but with movements that are quite specific and if more than one person moves all are in concordance to each other and certainly to something higher guiding them. A religious adventure? A mark of honour to the local nature spirits?  Men trying to impress  women? Just a feeling of respect?

12.  Together is a call-over of unison. Realize that our time on this planet is directed by something much bigger than we can perceive. To include oneself in this bigger picture is of vital importance to even start a life of humanity with all that that pertains to.

13.  Ambrosia Carrier Wave  is about love and environment. Love cannot be learned, one is either with something or one is not, one has the feeling or one has not. This piece starts as a young life searching, discovering and finding out and the more experience the life collects the more direction and purpose it can see but only if the circumstances  give allowance. When the rhythm comes in some important choices have been made which may result in a rich and prodigious adventure. If there is still love at the end the success will compensate for all physical limitations during the process of growing old.

14.  Sacred  is the urge to do and to continue to do what  one has chosen to do even when the tide is wrong. Imagine the picture of a haunting crusader for righteousness in this world who is determined to succeed where no one seems to bother at all.

15.  Celestial fields are in heaven, perhaps the first focus point of attention in the history of humanity to which we gave meaning. Were not  the Southern Cross or the Polar Star points of constancy when our ancestors started to walk and looked up towards the sky with very limited consciousness and intelligence.