Making music is not our first principle. Our first principle is to liberate and to be/offer a conduit for the future in which music is our domain of expression. To allow new things to happen one must be free and not feel restricted, whether this is by classical education, need for perfection, dominant style/genre , likes and dislikes, gain or loss, preconceived ideas or other conditions.

Impossible , you say? Well, the difference between impossible and possible are these two letters ‘IM’. The IM of impersonal, to make things less personal. Try for instance to play the music of ‘acceptance’ or ‘respect’. Why not make music that reflects the influence of these human qualities instead of our personal feelings? It offers a great challenge and to more than just one or two of our many human abilities and faculties, such as our body, mind, soul, spirit, feelings, reasoning, emotions and so on. And yes, it is not easy and takes courage but it’s an opportunity to step into the real unkown and discover new applications of music. After all music is a great conduit. It makes us dance, feel good, sing, it can heal, change our state and much more. There’s so much more to discover!

What a great thing it is, to sit together with other like-minded musicians, setting themselves some sort of  ‘ímpossible’ task, finding conductivity, waiting for an atmosphere to turn up, not knowing what to play and then to simply do it, trusting it can be done and listening afterwards to some weird , wonderful original tune that’s never been recorded before. That’s real magic!

Gerard Volker